Friday, October 27, 2006

Heart to heart

Here's a link to my latest News Herald blog, which serves to link up all my heart-related blogs of recent months.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New story accepted for anthology

Good news today, as I got this message via email:

"Congratulations: Your story, 'Some World Not This,' has been accepted for publication in the 2006 Anthology."

I've been a member of the community for several months, where we review each other's stories, essays and poetry. I decided to submit a story for the anthology in September, right on the deadline for the book. They chose 28 entries for publication. The anthology should be on sale by late November.

Some World Not This was a painful story to write, and it literally took me years to complete. It's about a guy who's trapped in his memories after a car accident, where he's visited by a girl, a former classmate, who was murdered by her husband.

The description tag for the story reads, "Maybe in some other world, Ray and Suzy could have been happy together. Maybe in some other world, they still are."

It's set in Mosquito Flats, which means it's a "Century-universe" tale.

I hope you'll pick up the anthology (I'll post info on ordering it when I receive more info) and the I hope story will chill you.