Sunday, August 29, 2004

Much has happened...

...But nothing has changed.

Sorry for the long gap between posts. Kind of got knocked off-balance by things at the day-job and by bad news from an agent to whom I had sent the manuscript. I am honoring her wishes not to have her letters to me excerpted here, or her name used in the blog. She seemed to have liked the stories, and the characters of Wally and Kenny Earl in particular, but there was "something" she couldn't put her finger on, and she said the editors with whom she works would not know what to do with the book.

So now...what? I'm still awaiting reviews/responses from some of my writer acquaintances, and I've nudged Michael about moving forward with a small, regional publication. I hope that comes to pass, or at least begins to get some forward momentum, because otherwise I'm gonna lose it. Depression is a very real thing, I can tell you.

In days to come I'll fill in more of the empty days and hours and minutes since the last post -- emails and so forth, and maybe some more background on the book. Till next time.


Sunday, August 01, 2004

Unrelated: Michael has quoted me...

...on his Web site, from a review I did for his new book. Here's the excerpt:
"Lister writes with confidence and an eye for detail, having been a prison chaplain himself. The characters speak in real voices and address the hardships of prison -- racism, sexual assault, violence. Lister's Jordan is a spiritual man in a little piece of hell on earth, and the narrative doesn't flinch from portraying it as such. Moreover, the storyline is based on an actual event where Lister served. That makes Blood of the Lamb a troubling what-if of a whodunit."
Tony Simmons
The Panama City News Herald